Maker Fest Novi Sad

Another edition of Maker Fest was held on June 9-10 in Master Center in Novi Sad. Over 500 children and adults visited this unique event and enjoyed the showroom full of maker creations, workshops and performances.

Intenzivni kurs iz domena 3D štampe i digitalne fabrikacije

Savladaj celokupni proces 3D štampe, kroz praktičan rad i predavanja iz domena digitalne fabrikacije!

Nova Iskra poziva dizajnere, arhitekte, modelare, hobiste i sve druge zainteresovane da se prijave za učešće u intenzivnom kursu iz domena 3D štampe i digitalne fabrikacije koji će biti realizovan kroz nekoliko blokova teoretske nastave i praktičnog rada tokom maja meseca.

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3D Printing Basics

In an effort to bring 3D printing closer to potential users, Polyhedraorganizes a 3D Printing Basics class event month. The next event will be on Thursday, April 20th, 2017 starting at 6:00PM in Polyhedralab at Dojranska 16, Belgrade. The price for this two+ hour hands-on 3D printing class is 1000 RSD. If you are interested, just send us an email to so we can reserve you a seat.

3D Basics – March

Nemanja shared his 3D printing knowledge and experience with the enthusiastic audience during our March training session.

Hopefully, everybody enjoyed the experience as much as we did. Feel free to leave us comments and suggestions to help improve the training.