Smart City Festival 2019

This year’s Smart City Festival was dedicated to the probably most important question, yet: “What kind of decision-making, visions, and incentives could turn developing regions into competitive hubs of innovation?” With this topic, we will spearhead into this central but barely touched theme in the global debate on sustainable urban development, competitiveness, and innovation. Kudos to the organizers SmartCity.Education Initiative.

Maker Faire Zagreb 2019

The very first Maker Faire Zagreb was fenomenal. Several thousands of visitors enjoyed the presentation of over 200 participants from Croatia, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and Serbia. Congratulations to the organizers lead by Roberto.

We visited Udruženje Galaksija from Šabac and EnergyPulse from Novi Sad who presented some of their projects and had a great time exchanging ideas with the visitors.

Maker Faire Zagreb 2019.

Maker Faire Zagreb 2019.

Gepostet von Hrvatska zajednica tehničke kulture am Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2019