3D Printing Basics at ImpactHub

Application for the event: http://bit.ly/2khtPuO

3D Printing Basics

You have an idea and want to turn it into a tangible thing? You heard about 3D printers but you haven’t seen how they work? You are interested in 3D printing? You would like to keep up with technology, time and competition? Whether you are a student, entrepreneur or just interested in 3D printing, this Workbench will intoduce you to the basics of digital fabrication.

If you want to implement 3D printing in your practice or just to learn new things about tech development, this Workbench will show you how to use 3D printing to make everyday life easier and let your business grow.


Nemanja Gligorijevińá is the founder of Highbreed Systems, a firm that produces 3D printers and also provides 3D printing services. Highbreed Systems is the first producer of 3D printers for industrial use in Serbia . Nemanja started his adventure in the field of digital fabrication while studying at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. As a result of these activities , the Faculty of ME got its first industrial 3D printer made by student.