Most of our prototyping is done in-house, including machining, cutting, engraving, 3D printing, etc. Our facilities are registered as a fab lab in the global fab lab register maintained by Fab Foundation and are open to public during regular working hours. Since 2017, Polyhedra fab lab introduced memberships which come with many benefits, including a 50% subsidized pricing on specific equipment and available materials covered by Polyhedra and its partners and 24×7 access. Membership costs symbolic 100 RSD/month and is paid annually for the remaining amount of months within the given year.

Pricing Schedule:

Equipment: FDM 3D Printers: 240 RSD/hr Paste Extruder 3D Printers: 600 RSD/hr SLA/DLP 3D Printers: 600 RSD/hr CNC engravers: 600 RSD/hr CNC mills: 1200 RSD/hr Laser Engraver: 600 RSD/hr Laser Cutters: 1200 RSD/hr Vinyl Cutter: 240 RSD/hr Materials: Colorfabb PLA Regular: 30 RSD/g Colorfabb PLA Special: 60 RSD/g For a complete list of available materials , contact us at info@polyhedra.co. Labor: Assistance: 1200 RSD/hr